Update from Chad Verity with Youth Unlimited

Thank You!

The first thing that I need to do is say thank-you from the bottom of my heart for your support of me, my family, and ministry inside high schools in Red Deer. Your investment is making a tremendous difference in the lives of young people, both now and in the future. I have no idea what the long-term return on your investment will be. But I do know your faithfulness and obedience will not go unnoticed by myself, our community or by God.


Year Two Update

The second thing I need to do is bring you up to speed on where I am at going into September.

This year is a much different experience for me than last. I strongly avoid using the word busy, but in a word it has been that. We have hit the ground running this year on campus at Hunting Hills High School. We had the pleasure and privilege of running Ninerpalooza, the grade 9 welcome bash during the first week of school. We had so much fun playing games and eating junk food. It also provided an awesome opportunity to hype up our Spring Break Mexico missions trip to the kids. I can’t wait to see what’s it’s like after doing this for four years and having each grade exposed to the work of Youth Unlimited in the School.

I am again coaching football at Hunting Hills, and it’s such an amazing opportunity to meet and impact several dozen young men every year. Each one of these boys comes from so many different places in life, some are struggling and in need of support, others come from completely unchurched homes and have never been invited to meet Jesus.

We are kicking off our on campus club on the 20th of September with a one-day retreat out to Gull Lake Centre. We’re using this time to prepare kids for See You At the Pole, a day where students meet at the flag pole around their school before class to pray for their school, its students, staff and administration.

I am also this year involved in Notre Dame high school, working with the school staff to facilitate The Landing, a formal place of recovery for teens. I have been involved in The Landing at CrossRoads Church for the last year, and I can’t wait to bring this same experience into the high school context.


Again, thank you for your sacrifice and faithfulness in your giving over this past year. Straight up, I could not have done anything with out you. I currently have a program budget of $4000 a month. Currently, 50% of this comes from monthly commitments, with the rest coming from one-time donations. It is the goal of any Youth For Christ worker to be 100% funded by monthly commitments.

This year my goal is to reach 75% monthly-committed funding. I plan on doing this through my big ask…

The Big Ask

My Big Ask is that each of you would invite one other person, couple or family who may be interested in investing in local high school ministry, and facilitate that introduction over coffee or a meal?

Dessert Night 2014

An amazing opportunity for this is coming October 25! Our annual Dessert Night has now moved to the Fall and is hosted at the Lacombe Memorial Centre. This event is full of both delicious desserts and incredible amounts of laughter—this year with world-renowned comedian David Dean.

This is a great place to invite those people from my big ask. They’ll not only have a great time/date night but learn all about what we do on campuses and in the lives of teens. They will also have an opportunity to become monthly partners of mine.

Tickets for this event are $30/person or $225 for a table of 8. If you invite someone to this event I will give you a matching FREE ticket.

Thank you so much,

Chad Verity

Campus Life | Red Deer

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