Discovering Uganda

Friday …

Today our team traveled to Jinja. Jinja is a city about an hour away from Buikwe (where we are staying).  We had quite the adventure getting there as there had been a torrential downpour the night before.  The roads we take to Jinja are not paved, they are red dirt; therefore, with all the rain they became red mud!  Once we got through the mud (which was quite fun) we arrived in Jinja to visit the source of the Nile River.  It was a breezy, beautiful day to visit the Nile.  We rode in a boat and got to see amazing birds, fish and some monitor lizards.



After that, we next headed over to Jinja for a snack and to pick up some goodies.  We took a break at a local café, and it was neat just to sit and watch all the people go by.

For the final part of the day, we had the opportunity to visit Amazima Ministries. Amazima means “the truth” in Luganda, the local language. Amazima Ministries has the neatest founding story. It all began with a young girl, Katie, who came to Uganda, fell in love with the country and listened to what God was calling her to do. Katie ended up adopting 13 Ugandan girls and starting Amazima Ministries.


There isn’t enough space for me to say all the spectacular programs Amazima runs but a few are: sponsorship programs for children of all ages, lunch programs, sustainable farming education and health care programs. Our team toured around 1 of the Amazima properties…there are 2 because Amazima has grown so much! There are 751 children in their sponsorship program alone. It was incredible to see the difference one individual following God’s will can accomplish.  It was encouraging to see that one person really can make a difference. Each team member was impacted in a different way.


Check out Katie’s book, Kisses from Katie.  In it, you will learn all about Amazima and the heart Katie has for Uganda. It is certainly inspiring and an amazing story of God’s faithfulness.

We have quite the day ahead of us tomorrow…stay tuned!


2 Comments on “Discovering Uganda

  1. Thanks Team for the updates! I am curious why the red roads all the way to Jnja when past groups have travelled mostly on the main paved highway. May God continue to bless you with insights on His majesty, love for people and you!

    SAy hi to Irene and the entire CHAP team, and if you can get a picture of a pastor on a boda boda I would appreciate it.



  2. Wilma, Nicole (or should I say Nemutebi) and Trysta

    I think about all of you all the time and am keeping you in my prayers. So glad to hear about everything you’re doing in Buikwe and the surrounding area. My heart aches to be there with you in Uganda so hearing your awesome stories and seeing the familiar places and faces brings a smile to my face. God continue to bless you and the entire team.

    Love Heather

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