A Delicious Shoe Story

Below is an amazing story from a grade 9 girl about how she, her friend and her grade 7 sister worked hard to contribute to the CrossRoads Church Love in the Laces shoe drive.


On the very last Sunday of the summer, I heard about the announcement for the Love in the Laces program. And after I heard Pastor Shawn’s sermons about discipleship, giving, and generosity, it felt like God was calling me to do something about the program with my neighbour. I didn’t want to just go out and buy a pair of shoes and call it a day. It felt like I should organize some sort of fundraiser.


Later that day, my family and I went down to Payless Shoes to buy some new shoes for my sister. There were big signs saying there was a 40% sale at the store, which I kept in mind.

On Tuesday my friend and I got on the computer to look up some information about Love in the Laces and decided we could do a bake sale (because everyone loves cookies and cupcakes, right?) to raise some money for shoes. So we looked up recipes (Oreo chunk cookies and s’more cookies!) and printed them. We did some research on Walmart’s website to find the ingredients that we needed and tried to stick to a budget.

The next day we went to Walmart and Sobeys and spent $36 on all our supplies. I remembered the general prices of men’s shoes was around $30, so we set our bake sale goal at $66.

We then headed to her house, and my friend and I started baking the s’more cookies and chocolate cupcakes, while my sister worked on posters and decorations for the sale. On Thursday we got together again and baked brownies, vanilla cupcakes, puffed wheat squares and made icing. Another one of my neighbours brought a cool icing tool that made our cupcakes look professional! We even had a $20 pre-order from one of my neighbour’s dads!


The next morning, we finished up by baking gluten-free cookies and the Oreo chunk cookies. We finished in a hurry so that we could head over to my friend’s mom’s office to start up the bake sale there around lunch time. She even sent out emails in advance explaining why we were going to be there, and what we were selling. 

As soon as we arrived, one of the secretaries handed us a $20 bill and told us a lady gave the money to her to buy $10 worth of treats and donate the other $10. We haven’t even set up anything and we already made $46 with our pre-order and another dad who bought $6 worth of treats! This was enough to cover the money we owed, and just $20 shy of our goal, so our progress within the first 48 hours was actually amazing.

We were barely there ten minutes before there were four ladies eyeing our treats—purses and wallets at the ready. They each came in looking for treats they thought their kids would enjoy. Many more came in, and when they left, we were allowed to wander around the floor to sell our baked goods to whoever was around.

Every single brownie, puffed wheat square, gluten-free cookie, and all but one s’more cookie was sold out after we had covered every floor! On the ride home, we counted our money and we had made $146.05 (there was a random nickel), and we still had to sell the leftovers around our neighbourhood! God really had provided for us, because what we raised was over twice our goal, and we still had a lot more to sell! 

On Friday we went around the neighbourhood. We managed to sell a lot there too. In the end, we raised $210, so just over three times our goal! A little after we divided the remainders, we headed over to Payless shoes and bought 8 pairs of shoes. There were additional discounts as well, which were not there when my family went before. Along with those, we managed to squeeze in student discounts and maximized the amount of shoes we could buy. We let everyone else in the line that was behind go ahead of us as we scoured the shelves for more shoes that would fit into our limit. Our receipt was really long, and it said we saved $153!


We were all really astounded by how much we raised, bought, and saved for the Love in the Laces shoe drive. I think if you put your heart into whatever you’re doing, especially if it’s to help those in need, God will provide and really amaze you by exceeding your expectations by a lot.


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