Overheard in the shoe store


Thanks to Anne for sharing their family’s shoe story related to our Love in the Laces initiative.

“Our family decided to purchase an identical pair of shoes to those that we were getting for our daughter. We had purposely made the trip to the store a family event with my husband joining us there after work. Our-seven-year-old son planned to chip in $20 from his savings toward the new shoes. We were all pretty excited. I shared with the salesperson what CrossRoads Church was doing and why we were buying two identical pairs of shoes.

Another lady who was shopping overheard me talking and asked what size they needed. She was ahead of us in line, and after she paid she turned around and handed us THREE pairs of Nike shoes!

I have no idea who she is, but I trust she will be blessed for her kindness. I’d like to encourage people to speak up when prompted to–you never know what may happen.

So we turned in four pairs of shoes that Sunday, and each of our four kids got to make a note. And I heard it mentioned that Sunday that larger boys sizes were needed–that’s what this kind lady had bought. God works in wonderful ways…”



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