Love in the Laces – 800 and Still Counting!

It was just a few short months ago that I was meeting with the Director of Women’s Outreach.  I was wanting to learn about the support that they offer to families in distress and women and children in crisis.  I learned a lot that day and I was very impressed with the genuine caring staff and the multitude of ways they seek to bring healing and stability to their clients –  99% of whom are women and children.


One of the programs that Women’s Outreach oversees is “Tools for School”  that for years has seen our community donate school supplies for kids from kindergarten through grade 12.  These supplies are packed into backpacks and distributed to kids in Central Alberta who, for various reasons, are not able to access their own supplies.  My mind went back to when my children were school age and I remembered the expenses of all the supplies, a new pair of jeans, a haircut and shoes…

We started talking about shoes, and I learned that Women’s Outreach had for some time been looking for ways to try to help with the school shoe requirement that for their families was another huge expense — and for some, impossible to meet.

And so, “Love in the Laces” came to be.  An opportunity to serve children and families in our community. An opportunity for that inner wrestling that Pastor Shawn spoke about the other Sunday.  An opportunity to show God-sized generosity.


We set our goal at 500 pairs of shoes.  That’s how many backpacks were distributed last year to kids in kindergarten through grade 8.

My heart is full of thanksgiving today as I can tell you that over 800 pairs of shoes have been delivered to Women’s Outreach, and we have expanded our giving to the higher grades and larger feet sizes. Each pair of shoes has a personal note attached, and we believe that although we do not personally know the child who will be wearing those shoes we picked out, God does. God knows and cares, and can use this small act  to do transforming work in the lives of kids and in us.

Thank you, CrossRoads family, for donating! We’d love to hear your story — let’s encourage each other with our experiences of how we came to purchase the shoes we did. The thoughts, the challenges, the wrestling and the learning. Please comment on this post to share your experience or always feel free to send me an email   (

Thank you!


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