In Bucharest!!!

We made it to Bucharest and have wifi! We spent the afternoon touring the people’s palace, the second largest government building in the world. It was built under Communism and is 23 stories. 12 above ground and 11 underground and 66,000 square meters. It was smokin impressive.

Then we did some shopping and exploring of Bucharest and now we are wrapping up our time with some debriefing with Jordan White leading us through some final thoughts and then we head to bed. We leave early in the morning!!!!

See you tomorrow night








2 Comments on “In Bucharest!!!

  1. BEYOND EXCITED FOR YOUR RETURN! That pretty much sums it up!

  2. Great pictures. As I look at each of your faces, my mother heart crys out, “you are all so precious”! What a delight you are. Sleep well and enjoy London. We will be eagerly awaiting at the airport.

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