Made it to Transylvania

Hey all!!!

We have shaky internet here, but enough for an update! We made it to see Dracula’s Castle.
The car ride was amazing and we ate a lot of junk along the way especially old sweet tooth aka Jordan a White. While on the road Jordan drank 4 bottles of pop, ate a large shawarma, ate 1 ice cream, consumed several animal crackers, mini donuts, 5 cent candies, snake bread (pretty much a massive donut) and nachos. Man that guy can throw down. By the time arrived at the hotel we thought he might be full, but I guess he was hungry by supper. He ate two servings of soup, two entre’s and two desserts. I think he is coping and missing Cait and the boys.
Anyways, we had a great day together and just wrapped up a debrief where Courtney shared and challenged us to think about having a godly perspective. Now Jordan White wants to take a walk to the corner store to get snacks before we watch the Dutch, Brazil soccer game. Miss you all and see you soon.



5 Comments on “Made it to Transylvania

  1. Hey guys!! Draculas Castle!! How cool!! We are getting excited for your return and all the stories you have to share.

    Whitey…you are a sugar machine! Those peanut m&m’s must have gone down in one gulp 🙂

    Luke…Tatum said today she misses you. No one to tease her lately.

    Take lots of photos and enjoy the end of your trip.

    We pray health for all of you for the rest of the trip and that the Holy Spirit is preparing your hearts for your return home.

    Love The Mattheis’

  2. So nice to hear from you. Enjoy your time together. I pray God will continue to be a driving force in your life and you will have these memories to remember how great he is. I hope you have a safe and fun rest of your trip.

  3. It has been so good to receive your updates and see your pictures; a great “treat” to wake up to each morning! I hope you are well rested when you get to London so you can enjoy your quick sightseeing adventure. I recommend getting lots of sleep on the flight home because we will all be very anxious to hear your God stories, memories and highlights…. so don’t expect an early bedtime Tuesday! We will continue to pray for your last few days and for safe travel as you journey home.

    McKayla; This afternoon Mac came up to me and said (and I quote) “Auntie Mck is in ‘Womania’ way too long, I want her to come home and jump on the ‘twamp’ with me now!!”
    Barrett loved your birthday greeting too 🙂
    We are ALL ready for your return….love you oh so much! XO

  4. Hello,
    I have enjoyed all your posts, especially the video blogs. We pray for you all to finish well. You are almost at the end. Janine we look forward to seeing you soon:)
    Edna and Lloyd Graber

  5. Alo and bună dimineața:(hello and good morning)

    Sound like you had a fantasitic day touring Transylvani. I do hope you enjoy your stop over in London. I can hardly wait for your return and am looking forward to hearing all about your trip and the lessons you’ve learned.

    The de Kroon boys were over today and were quite happy that Netherlands won their game and so place 3rd in FIFA (that’s what I understood anyways – that’s my sports update).

    We pray you all have a călătoriile în condiții de siguranță (safe travel)

    3 days and counting – am so excited to see you 🙂 🙂 🙂
    te iubesc and noapte bună (love you and good night)
    Mom, (Bonnie)

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