Hello everyone,

Today was another lovely and adventurous day here in Momaia. We started off the day with a solid breakfast and solo devos. We then got our ‘wifi devices’ confiscated, thus we are not able to connect with our friends and families, which we can handle but are disappointed from the actions. Then Megan, Bree and Jesse led us with probably the best VBS in history and the pig food was rank. Today there was a decrease in children but an increase in listening skills. We played an exciting game called capture the pig, and no, we didn’t play with real pigs. But overall, VBS went really well. Later on after supper, we had separate men’s and woman’s ministry where the girls stayed at the compound and the guys rode horse carriages to salla de sport and played soccer with some of the older boys from Momaia. The rain was coming down so hard, that it actually came inside the building from the small cracks on the roof. As they were on their way home, a car drove past and drenched them with dirty water from a MASSIVE puddle. They all laughed it off because theywere having such a good time.

The girls tidied up the house, we actually washed the floor on our hands and knees, but then it started pouring rain, so some of us went out for a good long shower! The girls who didn’t go outside stayed and make cookie dough, and yes, just the dough, we ate most of the dough, only a few cookies were made. After that we played catch phrase and watched an incredible sunset.

There has been the closest thing I have ever seen to a flash flood during the storm.

Fun Fact Moment!!

We are expected to get 30 litres per square yard of rain tonight, we’re still not sure how much water that really is but it sounds like a lot. When it rains here it pours.

At 10:00 we started this and it now bedtime so we have to go.


Jesse and Kira

PS: Thanks for the comments Mrs. Schweer, we love reading them every morning, because we know they are there waiting for us every day!!! Thanks and keep them coming!IMG_8731IMG_8234IMG_8257IMG_8553

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  1. Good Afternoon Everyone:
    It has been really hot here the past two day and we should be getting a thunderstorm tonight. Saying that it sounds like you guys are going to get a lot more rain than us. Praying that everyone in the village stays safe with the downpours.
    It has been a real blessing to read (and watch) your blogs everyday.

    Steve and I have been talking about your mission trip and how it is bigger than any of us may realize. Josh’s friends from school have ben wondering how things are going which is really exciting as the majority of them do not have a church background. The other exciting thing is that Steve (Dad) has met a couple of men on the jobsite who are actually from Romania and have talked to him and to each other about this mission trip. This encounter would never have happened nor these conversations if it wasn’t for this trip. We believe that as much as God is working over there He is working here.

    Pastor Jordan looked much better with a cup of coffee.

    Praying for Jordan’s sore throat and Jesse’s scraps and cuts.

    Counting the days till you return. Josh we love you so much.. Hugs to all

  2. Good Morning!! It’s always so great to get the next blog entry so we are grateful you guys are brave enough to share with us all!! What neat and exciting adventures you guys are having…spiritually and with the weather! I’m praying you each experience the Holy Spirit in a new way during your alone devo time. What a priveledge it is for you to get to learn how to sit quietly with The Lord…I know adults who struggle with this!

    We are praying for strength during the day for you all and rest that refuels you every night.

    Luke….make sure you drink enough water today! Hugs Momma

    We are inspired by you all!!

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