VBS Day 2

Jordan Sinnamon and Chloe reporting for duty!

Today was the second day of our VBS and Lucien, Nathan and Chloe led. We performed a skit to entertain the kids with our story of the 10 plagues of Egypt. Nate was dressed in a beautiful red satin shawl, while Lucien had Moses’s staff and PJ standing on a ladder being God throwing makeshift flies and ping pong balls (hail) at our sinful Pharaoh; aka Nate.

To our pleasant surprise, the kids sat with listening ears allowing us to entertain them while teaching in a playful manner. We played many relay games with the older kids attempting to teach them leap frog which failed miserably… We thought they knew of the game, but apparently not! Back to the drawing board we go! Improvising, we got the kids to bear crawl, balance bean bags on their head and challengingly make their way to the other side with 3 legs. It occasionally got frustrating and chaotic, but don’t worry, as usual we got everything back under control.

On a side note, Jordan White challenged the team today with watching our tongues. Not only did we have to watch negative things that might possibly be said, but we also had to encourage someone on the team. To keep in mind that we should say things to lift one another up and not tear each other down; even though it’s usually not intentional. We’re all beginning to get comfortable with one another and sarcasm seems to be becoming a part of our daily language. So thank you Whitey for helping us be more aware and delicate with our tongues.

Back to VBS, the craft went well and was fun! Nate’s creativity was shown through a paper plate frog which had the children’s hands for feet. However it was slightly complicated as there were many steps that the younger kids didn’t understand. It ended up being the leaders of the group doing 45 different crafts. The older kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves and for the most part participated very well. (The boys also really liked Jordan… Sinnamon.) Through his beatboxing and hairy legs, he captivated the attention of the older boys.

During the 2nd round of the craft, I got pulled over to witness to a mother in the village. She was curious as to how I became a Christian due to all of the brokenness in my family. (For all of you that do not know, I grew up in a non Christian home and became the first Christian in my family… My parents have been separated since I was born and it gets complicated from there.) Getting the opportunity to testify to her was such a privilege and it was slightly nerve wracking as well. She shared with me of her struggles and shared that she believes that God listens to our prayers and he also answers them. If we have great faith in God, he will answer with grace and will give us what we need. What a blessing it was to exchange stories with one another.
The togetherness and participation of the group has created so much laughter and joy. I’m not ready to go home which is really odd since at the beginning of the week I was very homesick. We’ve created so many memories with everyone here, including our Romanian helpers, as well as John and Cheryl. I just want to bring all of them back home with us and give them the Canadian experience (even our everlasting winters). I’m sure we could find homes for the 5 of them to stay, couldn’t we?

Today during my personal devotions I was reminded in 1 John 3:18 – Dear children, let us not love with words or speech, but with actions and in truth. – it kind of explains that even though there is a language barrier between us and the kids we can still show them love through our actions. I got to share this reminder with the team in group devos, in hopes to encourage them with the words of truth; that through our frustrating times to press through and continue to show them God’s love. This was also a good reminder for myself of the reason of why I’m here… for the kids. The kids of Mamaia are loud and chaotic, but are just wanting to have fun. They love physical affection from us, any kind of attention actually, and knowing that this is what they desire and seek, I can do my best to give that to them.

It’s 10:20pm and curfew happens to be in 10 minutes. In this past half hour the team has gotten together to help prep tomorrow’s VBS group’s craft as it got changed when we arrived in Romania. Not a problem though! Rounding all the members up we’ve managed to get their craft all ready to go for tomorrow. Stations with tracing, cutting, breaking popsicle sticks and wrapping pipe cleaners into curly tails to create cartoonish pigs, to illustrate Pastor Jordan’s rap.


Before signing off a couple things to bring to attention:
1) Jordan Sinnamon is beginning to develop a sore throat
2) Jesse Sinnamon caught himself on the barbwire fence while jumping over it resulting in many minor scrapes and cuts.
3) Tiredness continues to linger over us in our long days in the sun and exertion of energy

Other than that, we think our team is doing very well. 🙂

Jordan & Chloe, over n’ out!

One Comment on “VBS Day 2

  1. The thoughts and prayers from your family, friends, neighbours and church members continue to flow. We are so blessed by technology to be able to be kept up to date with your successes and struggles. God will give you what you need to succeed you only need to ask and have faith! Lots of love to you all! Hugs Audrey Pennycook.

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