Day 1 Evening VBS…..

Hi friends and fam!

Today started bright and early with mushroom picking.. well for the rest of the team.. We (Lucci and Mck) stayed back with PJ and had some nice devotion time together. We even had to wake up at 5:30 for team support, sadly we weren’t allowed to have a coffee because we had to wait until the team came back.. which was three hours later. 😉 We had a fantastic pancake breakfast ready for the team as they came back from their mushroom picking journey! From what we hear, they had a great time and were quite successful in finding mushrooms. We had a winner for who picked the most, Megan.. with 72 mushrooms picked! We have a new record! 🙂

Today was our first VBS in Momaia. Luke and Gabby led again today, and did a super job! We were excited about the number of kids who showed up today ready to participate in the lesson, crafts, and activities! We were impressed by their focus and perseverance throughout! The kids are so adorable and are melting our hearts! The kids are soaking up the love and attention they’re getting and we are loving their smiles and hugs 🙂

Shortly after VBS ended it started pouring rain, a few team members took advantage of the storm and brought their shampoo outside and showered in the rain (they were clothed.. thank goodness..) thats the longest shower they’ve had in a few days!

We had an amazing dinner this evening, the chicken was absolutely marvellous as was the vegetarian rice. We enjoyed our evening together preparing for VBS and getting some solo time to reflect as individuals. Courtney has been giving us lots of time to spend with Jesus to think through how this experience has impacted our lives. We then finished the evening with a game of 4 on a couch and are now headed for bed. We miss everyone and look forward to seeing you in a week.

Mck & Lucci





IMG_3625 IMG_3622 IMG_3620

2 Comments on “Day 1 Evening VBS…..

  1. Yay Megan! Do you get a mushroom trophy? ; ) Mom & I are proud of you… and of your whole team for the great work you’re doing over there spreading Gods love. Keep it up. We’re praying for continued unity and perseverance. Take care.

  2. Hello,
    We are praying for your team. We are enjoying reading your blog. Thanks for keeping us updated.
    So did Janine actually eat any of those mushrooms?:)
    Have a great day .
    Lloyd and Edna

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