Morning of Day 1 VBS….


Everyone arose early this morning at 5:30am to head up the mountain for a cultural experience. You will hear more about it tonight. I (PJ) stayed back in Momaia with our cripples and we enjoyed getting some intentional time together.

John and Cheryl have been such gracious hosts and have spoiled the team rotten. Fresh baked cookies, pop, chocolate bars, gluten free meals, vegan meals and everything else under the sun. The great food, hospitality and good company has helped the transition into gypsy culture be fairly smooth. Some of the students are struggling a little bit with being homesick, but for the most part we are transitioning well.

I am so proud of the team and how they are engaging in the culture and with each other. Courtney is doing a fantastic job leading everyone and it is a real joy to partner with these students and leaders in ministry.

One of my highlights so far has been watching a couple of the kids come alive while we have been here. Lucien has blown me completely out of the water. I have never seen him so engaged, gregarious and full of life. He appears more comfortable oversees than back in Canada and it has been a real gift to the team to watch his love for culture, people and life here. Also, has blessed to watch Chloe, Josh and Jordin give spontaneous testimony about their love for Jesus yesterday at church and how wonderfully they all did.

Yesterday was probably the most exhausting day and yet the student rallied at an opportunity to continue further ministry to the congregation in Momaia through more testimony and sharing. They were exhausted and yet half a dozen students volunteered to share their “God Stories” with the people. Although our time together fell through it was incredible to see the willingness of the students to push themselves.

I could go on and on, but I won’t we miss you all back home and deeply value your prayers.


ps. Thank you for all the blog comments, the student deeply value hearing for you guys, so please keep them rolling.

6 Comments on “Morning of Day 1 VBS….

  1. So great to hear from the team daily. Cannot wait to hear all the stories when your back. Praying for you guys daily!!!!!!

  2. Hi everyone…we can’t believe it’s almost half way through your trip. We are missing you Luke….the piano is missing you too! It’s been so neat to hear how each of you are growing spiritually. We can’t wait to hear about it all. Praying for the kids of Momai to accept Jesus as you guys minister to them this week.
    Hugs all around,

    the Mattheis gang

    Chloe, Josh and Jordin….high fives!!! I know adults who have trouble sharing a planned testimony much less a spontaneous one…so cool to see you guys boldly sharing your love for Jesus.

  3. Good Morning from Sunny Alberta:
    When I read about the injuries and allergy situation we requested friends and family to pray for each of you by name. We have been praying for you as a team for strength and wisdom in your ministry.
    I look forward to the blog everyday. As soon as a new one is posted I text Dad (Steve) and he says it makes his day at work to read from your guys. It is the last thing I look for at night and the first thing I look for in the morning. I am looking forward to hearing about your adventure today.
    Group hug to all – special hug to Josh – Love you lots .

  4. I believe you all are receiving a taste of what God says in 1Cor. 2:9.
    As Pastor Dan said…..oh you lucky bums!
    May God continue to use all things (even sore hips, ankles, backs, allergies and homesickness) to show Himself faithful and powerful!
    Thank you for being willing; we are very proud of each one and never doubt that God is working in each of you for it is not always about what is seen, but what is unseen.
    Thank you John and Cheryl for taking such good care of our loved ones, we appreciate you both!
    May you wake up each day with great anticipation.

  5. Hey Guys,
    Missing you all and wishing I was there with you but instead I am lifting you guys up in prayer! I am so glad you guys are falling in love with Romania and having great experiences there! I just wanted to encourage you guys to continue to embrace the community you have in each other and to continue seeking the Lord together because He will show up! Courtney you are a rock star! Love you all and I look forward to seeing you all soon!
    Katie Higgins

  6. Hello everyone,
    I have been reading your blogs and I am so jealous that I am not there! Maybe next year! It’s so exciting to see how God is working through you as a group and through you as individuals! I am praying for you daily and I know God is answering our prayers!
    Have a great last week there and continue to show each other and the people of Romania Gods amazing love!
    Shannon Hanrahan

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