Day 4 posted by Jordan W. and Janine

Good evening, my oh my today was quite the day. We had a great morning, some of us got to sleep in, some of us were up bright and early.

Today we went to church here in Momaia, which was an incredible experience. We sang a song we learned in Romanian, and a song in english that the church was supposed to know but didn’t really.  (Janine, Jordan S, Lucien, Brittany, Luke M, MacKayla from Washington, Anna and Loys some of our translators). Pastor Jordan spoke on Galatians 1, and church unity, meanwhile two men began to argue and took it outside.  But also, the Holy Spirit moved on hearts and we could see people responding well.  John gave a message, and following this the pastor requested on the spot if some of our team could give personal testimony about God’s power in their life.  Chloe, Josh & Jordin G. each gave profound witness to Jesus’ power in their lives.

After church we went into a town to eat some Shawarma for lunch!  We all enjoyed it very much!  We continued on to see a Romanian Orthodox Monestary (now a museum) and church.  From there, we ventured on to a market to do some shopping and then made our way back to Momaia.

Shortly after arriving back, we were presented with an unexpected request from some members of the church.  They requested to come by the house and have us share more testimony’s and God stories.  This is a request that John and Cheryl have never been asked before, so we prepared as a team for an intentional night of witnessing.  The team was nervous but definitely eager to have been given this opportunity to pour out into the lives of these church members.  Our first major culture shock moment came when three hours after their expected arrival, they still had not arrived.  They did not end up coming, but we will see if this opportunity reoccurs for a future night.

We are doing well, there are a few struggles with missing home, some minor injuries, dealing with the culture differences, and the dogs barking at night is driving a few of us batty! Spirits are high, and we are excited to see what God has in store for us for the next week. Plans seem to change each day under His prompting and we are learning to react to it with vigor.

As I said we have a couple injuries, please pray for McKayla and her sore hip, Lucien and his sore ankle, Kira and her back pain, and Bree and her allergies. In fact please continue to pray for all of us as we deal with the heat, the high energy consuming days, and the ever changing experiences we have each day.

It was nice to have a day filled with a bit more rest, but we are looking forward to tomorrow to beginning our vbs in Momaia.  Goodnight from us all (even though it is just after lunch time back home)!

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4 Comments on “Day 4 posted by Jordan W. and Janine

  1. As always it is so good to hear about your day in Romania. You are all in our prayers. I also will pray that God will continue to give you the stamina and enthusiasm you need to continue sharing Gods word. Everyone I take to is eager to hear more of your stories when you get back. Sending lots of love and hugs. the Pennycooks

  2. It’s 9:30pm July 7 as I write this and I pray you are all having deep renewing sleeps through the wee hours of the morning. We love getting the blog updates and look forward to them every day! I will agree with Mom “S” that you all are living examples of servants in Romania. I pray that gives you strength to press through the homesickness, the heat exhaustion, the language barriers and sleep deprivation and keep pressing forward doing the work you were sent to do. Know that God is doing a great work in each of you too! We are praying for physical healing and health for you all too.

  3. Good morning to you as we are thinking about going to bed here. It was so good to get today’s notification that the latest update was on the blog….gotta love technology 🙂
    It is great to hear how God is working in and through you, as a team and as you minister to the people around you. Your church experience sounds like one we will all want more details about when you are home! Thank you for the specific prayer requests; you are certainly covered in prayer by your families, friends and church family. Have a super day in Momaia; we will all be looking forward to hearing about it later!

    McKayla….I hear you taught Jordan W. how to do a pirouette; although it aggravated your hip injury I hear he was a great student! I’m looking forward to seeing that in person (or on the blog?)
    Love you XO

  4. Praying for you and your team Jordan. What an awesome opportunity for the kids to experience . Prayers for all of you as you continue to minister to the people. Prayers also for good health and strength.

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