Day 3… Post by Courtney and Jordan C.

Today was great. We ran vbs in a small gypsy village 30km from Momaia. Luke and Gabby led us and did a great job teaching the children about Gods power through the story of Joshua and the Israelites. The children were very receptive and enjoyed the day with us.

One of the highlights for me has been watching the team grow together and care about each other. Everyone has really enjoyed being together and nobody has been on the outside. Our translators have been incredible and have really helped us in ministry.

We enjoyed some free time with one another after getting back from Salatru. We also, after supper, got to go play games as a team at a soccer field near by. And by soccer field I mean a soccer field of shin high grass 🙂 it was good to have an evening of team time!

At this very moment, 11:30 pm, some of us are watching the Costa Rica vs. Netherlands soccer game 😉 We are sure enjoying one another’s company!

Thank you for following and and for your prayers! Sending you our love!







One Comment on “Day 3… Post by Courtney and Jordan C.

  1. It is Sunday, July 7th. Church was great here. Pastor Dan spoke. One of the things he talked about was that We are Sent by God to Serve. In the church family we shouldn’t be called volunteers but servers. Service should be part of our DNA. How thankful I am that as I look at you all I see servers. What’s exciting is that God went before you to prepare for the work you are doing. More exciting – God is with you all as you do His calling (work). Whats even more amazing (and exciting) is that when you leave the villages and Romania God remains and His work continues. What a priviledge that God allows us to share in His Wonderful Work. We are truly blessed here at home to be part of this blog and share this experience with you. Praying for you all. (Love you Josh – Mom, Dad and even Zach)

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