Day 3 morning

So… Everyone slept a little better last night. We are looking forward to day two of VBS in a village called Salatru about 30min away. Yesterday and today are the only days we will be traveling for VBS. We have been traveling to these villages for the last 4 years and it is so incredible to see how God has worked in these villages. 4 years ago there was no church and little understanding of a personal relationship with Jesus. This year the villages have new church buildings and growing congregations. One of the highlights from yesterday was watching these children respond to a couple of our memory verses by shouting them back to us because they already knew them! Thank you Jesus for the growth we have been able to see.

Pray today for tiredness and for the team to persevere. Day 4 is often around the time where the novelty of being in a new place begins to wear off and things become a little harder. Pray that Jesus uses this tension to grow our students.

Thanks for all the Love and Support. We have been reading your comments to the students.






6 Comments on “Day 3 morning

  1. I will say Good Morning and Good Night as I am going to bed. How thankful we are for
    God’s work among the villages you are visiting. We are so proud of you all and thankful you are following Gods calling to minister to these villages and children. We pray for continued strength for each one of you. Love you ( Josh)

  2. So thankful and happy to get a chance to see what you are doing. For us this blog is a real blessing. Love seeing how God has worked in these villages. We pray for you to have energy and strength to continue on with your mission and hope that you continue to grow closer to God. God Bless everyone of you! Love you Brittany

  3. Awesome, awesome, awesome! Thank you for sharing what God is doing. What a privilege you have to experience Him in this way. We are so grateful. My prayer for you this day and for every morning is Psalm 90:14
    Mama Woyke

  4. Hey guys!
    I’m loving hearing what you guys are up to in Romania! So cool to hear about the growth in Salactru over the last few years. I am reminded of how amazing it is that God chooses to work through us to accomplish his will of bringing people to know him! (Isaiah 55:11). I pray God will give you courage and strength as you do his work in sharing the Good News you have with the people in Romania! Say hi to John and Cheryl for me 🙂

  5. Hello!

    Praying for you all as you continue to do great work there!

    Love and Hugs to Jordin Gurski miss you girl.

    Dad and Momzie

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