Day 2 Highlights-Josh & Megan

Hello everyone from Joshua, hope you all are doing well and that everything is going good back home. Today has been another amazing day in Romania and the whole crew is starting to get in check with Romania time. Our morning started off with a peaceful prayer walk through the village for those who wanted to go. We then went on to have a very meaningful devotional that evoked good conversation and learning in many, as well as some big changes in others. We then visited the village of Albeshti to run a part of our VBS program for them. It went very well and the children seemed really engaged and look like they were having lots of fun. We talked to them about the story of the feeding of the 5,000 and how God provides for us. The football game that followed during the activity portion was very fun but very exhausting and competitive to what we are used to over here. Maybe this is what people mean when they say Canadians are competitive about hockey. We have now prepared to visit another village tomorrow and teach them about more of God’s Big Story. We also had a good chance mid-day to interact with and try to dialogue with the children of the village, thank goodness for the translators. The kids seemed very excited to have us in their village and can’t wait to be able to interact even more, then even dragged Lucien around when he and Pastor Jordan went out to move the kids out of the way of our bus 🙂 Thanks you for all of your prayers and support, can’t wait to see you all when we get back home and tell you more stories and more in depth personal experiences.

Hi family and friends of all, its Megan. Like Josh said it was an amazing day and once again woke up to beautiful Romania; I cant get enough of it! Today we did our first VBS of the trip in Albeshti. We were anxious and nervous with anticipation to see how it would all turn out. The kids were more then exited to see us and greeted us with unending smiles. They all listened very well and were interested the entire time to the lesson. We then played football (soccer) and made crafts with the kids. You could tell the kids loved being with us and doing activities with our team. Over all the first day ran fairly smooth and hopefully impacted the kids so that they could take something away from the lesson. Today it was evident that God’s presents was with us in everything we did. His Love is so strong and I think I can speak on behalf of all of us here, that when time is spent talking to Him and reading His work He will show up.
Tomorrow will be another day of VBS in another new village. We continue to trust in the Lord that He will go before us and prepare the hearts of the children who will receive the message. That they may also learn about God and take away a lesson about Him. Today was ended perfectly with a wonderful sunset. I cant wait to se what other blessings God has in store for tomorrow.

3 Comments on “Day 2 Highlights-Josh & Megan

  1. Hello Everyone in Romania: I hope this comment works – I am technically challenged with this. It was so good to hear from Joshua. We miss you so much but are so thankful for this opportunity for you in Romania. You missed an afternoon of rock moving on the farm so don’t complain about the soccer and yes Josh is the weather has been great here in sunny Alberta. We are praying for you all. Love you lots, Mom (Bonnie S)

  2. Thanks for the update Megan and Josh. Great to hear that everyone is doing well and having fun! Be blessed as you continue to spread God’s love to those children. Praying for you all. Dwayne & Heather Holland

  3. Hi everyone! It’s been so neat reading the blog!! Please keep them coming! We are so excited to hear the personal changes God is doing in all of you. As I write this I think it is 7am tomorrow and you are getting ready for another VBS and we have been praying for rest and endurance as we’ll as lots of laughter and love for the kids.
    PS…Luke you may have missed Tatum shooting crows this morning…it was a hoot!!
    Love Momma (Stacy M)

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