DAY 1……

Hey, its Nathan here just letting you know that I am A OK. Got over my sickness by  about the bus ride home, so its good to be feeling better. After a good nights sleep, that was disrupted by Josh and Lucien 😉 we talked to some of the kids outside of the fence, which was fun because of our lack of Romanian speaking skills, but then they joined us later on in the afternoon on our walk through the village. Everything is going well, and I can’t wait to see what is in store.

Hello everyone, its Bree. Today marks the end of the first full day in Romania. Its weird because we skipped Wednesday and went right to Thursday; so everyone is super tired. People are catching z’s at the most random times and places. The travelling seemed to go by quite quickly, but it’s definitely nice to be on solid, still ground. We went on an amazing walk today with our entire team plus a large amount of Romanian kids. They sure love attention. Their beautiful smiles and laughs are so contagious. They love to hang out outside our fence, hollering for us to come say “buna” (hi). A random story for you all: we have to take ‘army’ showers. So that means quickly get wet, turn the water off, soap, rinse, and then turn it off again. A number of people have done that already, but a few of us chose the alternative way. Chloe, Jordin, and I had a shower in the pouring rain. There was a crazy down pour for a couple hours, and we saw the perfect opportunity for no water loss. We took our soap, shampoo, and conditioner outside and had a cold, yet refreshing and needed shower. Romania has been an incredible experience so far and I can’t wait for whats coming next.

2 Comments on “DAY 1……

  1. Thanks Nathan and Bree for the update. It is great to know you arrived safely and are healthy! It will be so good to hear your stories and see how God uses you all. Its is such a blessing to be at home thinking about and praying for each one of you.
    Todd and Sheryl

  2. Thank you for the update . Excited to see Gods work through you guys . Praying for all of you . Matthieu

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