Wise Old Karrie-Anne…

I first have to start by saying hello to all the families back home supporting us and a big Hi to Morgann and Hunter! It is great to hear and see the twinkle in each team person’s eye as they share stories about their children, spouse and those loved grandkids. I have greatly enjoyed learning a little about each of your families and look forward to meeting the ones I don’t know yet.

I want to share about our day today as it was awesome to see another amazing project that World Relief supports in the community of Gahanga a sector of Kigali with a population of 33,000 people. We met with the CNC committee (Church Network Committee) that consisted of 7 pastors working together from 7 different churches and denominations; (there are 14 churches in the community) united to provide support to their congregations. It is very inspiring to see denominational pastors such as Catholic, Baptist, Presbyterian, Free Methodist, Seventh Day Adventist come together to learn and mentor one another. They praised World Relief for the encouragement, support and training. We heard how the various projects in each church such as the Child Development, Savings For Life Program (SFL), Couples training, Water project and Vulnerable children’s ministry is blessing to so many in the community and the impact on the health of individuals which in turn has provided stronger and healthy churches. We praised our loving Father and sang of his love for us and gave him all the glory to make this possible. I really love when I hear the pastors say these tools empower the church not through money but skills and teaching them!

After our time at one of the Pastor’s church, we headed into the field to see the tools in action in one of the family’s house. We visited Esperance (wife), John Damancien (husband) and their 5 children. The wife spoke of how the water project and SFL project have greatly impacted their life. Their children were no longer sick from the dirty and contaminated water. As well as how the SFL project in just 9 short months has taught them a great deal about saving and now they have started to do some concrete work on the inside walls over the mud walls and this helps with a nicer look and temperature as well they look forward to one day buying a window for the space in the handmade door they have. It was truly humbling to see this beautiful family and how the church has been such a huge blessing in their life.  The wife had a huge glow when her husband spoke of attending the church now! At the end of our visit their one son showed us his rabbit that he got to help make some income for his school supplies etc. which was so fun to see the difference in his relationship with his rabbit compared to Morgann’s.

After this visit we attended the Water Project site where volunteers from various churches help put together the water filters and were fortunate to be there for the distribution as they were just finished a training on how the individuals use these in their homes. They strapped them to their bikes, or carried then on their heads while having a baby snug on their back; it is a beautiful site. This project is sponsored by Mar’s Hill Church in Grand Rapids Michigan and the project is called 20L.

We all left with great hands on education and the team showed us a great time!  My time here has been truly amazing and I have so many highlights and look forward to sharing when I return. When Pastor Dan spoke of our hearts connecting with the hearts of those in Rwanda I didn’t know what that would look like…( I do now). Through Christ I am forever thankful for this opportunity and my heart’s desire is to return and support this ministry, Lord willing. I sign off as we go to our last wonderful meal made by Joseph in Kigali and our last sleep in Rwanda. Looking forward to seeing my family and friends. Thank you for your prayers and support!

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