Wednesday?Thursday?Friday? Who knows anymore….

Sorry still have bad and inconsistent internet …

Waking up to another beautiful morning in Kamembe Rwanda, thank you Lord!! The air is so fresh with sents of burning charcoal, fresh rain and foliage. I can hear the fishermen off in the distance singing together after a long night of fishing, a roster crows and the birds are making their various songs come to life. As I write I can hear a nearby church choir practicing. Kamembe has awoken for another day it is amazing to watch it come to life … form where I am sitting I look out over lake Kivu, a calm and large body of water on which we are at the furthest south side. I look across the lake and I can see the DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo), wrapped in the morning mist with a few light clouds lazily hanging over top. It is a spectacular view of rolling green hills and a plethora of homes squeezed on every available space a home could reside.

And with that life goes on here in Rwanda, the sound of the welders banging as they build boats/ships in the harbor nearby begins, the sound of horns and people out on the street gets slowly louder. For me my quick and quite reprieve for the day is over and we are off again … another breakfast … load up into the trucks once again … another 2 hour drive through the tea plantations and red dirt roads of Rwanda, passing innumerous amounts of people vehicles and animals suddenly arriving again in Nyamasheke. The squeals of many children outside our vehicle windows calling out to the “muzungoos”, happily waving and smiling and chasing us down the bumpy road greet us upon our arrival. Mama’s and elder women look up from their daily duties to see what the commotion is only to see a white hand reach out of a Toyota and give a wave, they elegantly smile and return the waive as though we are long lost friends …

For the most part this is a typical morning … and thank you Lord for this unbelievable experience, I would not, I could not trade these mornings for anything in this world ….

One Comment on “Wednesday?Thursday?Friday? Who knows anymore….

  1. Living the posts and updates. A young lady I know would love to see a photo I her parents KarrieAnne and Steve, if it’s possible. Blessings!

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