Sorry no photos … but reat stories …

The day started out with our heading back to the Anglican Church where we were yesterday where Pastors and their wives were attending.  The males on the team met with the Pastors and Kari-Anne and Tara-Leigh met with the Pastors wives, as well as two female Pastors, for a time of discussion. The topic of discussion was about how couples go about striking a balance between marital relationship, maintaining a family and doing ministry.  It was a dynamic and interactive time for both the team and the Pastors and their wives.  Testimonies from Trevor were provided to the men and Kari-Anne provided her testimony to the women.   During the break, there was time for some baby holding by both most members of the team and Polaroid pictures were taken of each of the Pastors and their wives and given them as a souvenir.  This was a true treat for these couples and the excitement on their faces proved this to be quite the treat!

During this training time, Justin and Tara-Leigh went with Emanuel and Albert (World Relief) into the North of Rwanda to attend a funeral service for Edward, a World Relief worker whose father had just passed away from medical complications.  It was a very long but beautiful drive and we arrived just in time for the burial.  We climbed high onto a mountain top to find the community gathered around an eight foot deep, hole.  The Pastor spoke of Edward’s father’s step into eternity at which time the community broke into about six hymns of which Justin and Tara-Leigh knew approximately four.  This allowed us to sing along quietly in English or hum.  At this time, the casket was lowered into the ground and the men of the community proceeded to work steadfastly at filling the hole with dirt.  There were no tears on anyone’s face; just the beautiful and harmonious melody of the African voices being raised to their Father in Heaven. It was at this point that the community began their descent down the hill. We began our trek back to the guest house but were stopped on our way out of town.  Edward had stopped the car and asked us to join us for Fanta soda and we were able to spend some time with him and share our condolences with him and his family on behalf of the team.  It truly was an honor to have been included in this sacred event.

Meanwhile as the rest of the team shared time together we had lunch together. This consisted of many dishes that were best described as starchy and somewhat bland. Two of the well received dishes were silver fish and pineapple. Many of the local people found it necsesary to load their plates as this might be the only time they eat today.

We spent the balance of the time sharing stories about life and asking questions about doing life as couples. Something that we will have World relief staff collect,  are prayer requests from this group. We prayed for the Pastors and wives, as a group, before parting ways.

3 Comments on “Sorry no photos … but reat stories …

  1. May God continue to bless you by opening your eyes and hearts even more, as you build relationships among His ‘children’ in Rwanda and amongst the team.

    p.s. I hope you were wearing a hat Kurtis!

    Bill Shaw

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