Sunday through Steves eyes …

Up and at emm, 7:00AM breakfast again and off and running on a full days adventure.

Today to me felt like the first day, the first of many, the beginning of why God has us here, our true introduction to Rwanda…

We headed out very shortly after breakfast as the church services we were to attend both started at 9:00 and we had a 45-55 min drive to get there and it is 8:15… All good were on Rwanda time and everything is OK. [A slight miscommunication between our drives and our fearless Rwandans leaders on travel time]  We split into two groups this morning heading out to two different churches for there Sunday morning service. If it wasn’t a personal sermon just the 50 minute drive to get there I don’t know what would be… Driving thru the hills, valleys, jungle, bush and red clay roads just to get to church and watching all these beautiful people walking for miles to get to the same place were going or a church of their own was humbling to say the least. They pull out there very best clothes and shiniest shoes and start there trek for their church with their family to get there cups filled up and oh how they do…

We arrived at our visiting church for the day a little late but not to worry as they were all patiently awaiting their guests, Treating us like royalty ushering us in the church right up on stage and sat us down on stage in the nicest chairs they had as the choir didn’t miss a beat ever so enthusiastically worshiping the Lord. They had a number of songs being performed by a few different choirs in store for us from the children’s choir to the adult’s choir to some sort of mixed group in between but all had the same enthusiastic outcome of ground shaking, dust flying, and ear piercing praise going straight up to the Big Guy. [Did I mention we were at a Pentecostal Church?] If I didn’t.. Yes indeed we were. The energy of the praise, the volume and directedness of the sermon and over all love of the lord in this building was truly awesome to be a part of. A few of us had the opportunity to share with the Rwandans in one way or another from a Greeting’s speech to sharing testimony with them. The audience was truly captivated each time one of us spoke sharing our story and sharing God’s grace and hope for them all. Truly yet another humbling experience watching them react to our speakers. So simple yet so deep!!

Well 3 plus hours of church [Felt like maybe 1 hour] and we are off, Heading back to our home base to have a quick lunch and get organized for our afternoon activities. OH Ya it wouldn’t be a trip unless you completely have your vehicle surrounded by children jumping up and down and screaming with their hands out for a rainbow loom bracelet…..

Part two of the day consisted of more driving to get to our destinations and the destinations were truly beautiful parts of Rwanda and great photo ops but just the driving around and taking in everything around us is the Lord at work, Truly amazing watching the Rwandans.

I truly understand why they call this place “The Land of One Thousand Hills and Two Thousand Smiles”



One Comment on “Sunday through Steves eyes …

  1. We were anxiously awaiting this update! Thanks for posting. You are close in thought and prayer!

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