Tired but Blessed in Kigali

To keep you informed as to our wellbeing and where we are all at so far.

After the much needed rest and being able to finally lie down we slept.  The rooms are set up in a bunk-style with good foam matresses.  All that is needed is a sheet and a light blanket; no air conditioning is available and we all sleep under mosquito nets. We have WI-FI here at the guest house, however we are uncertain of our WI-FI capabilities in Nyamesheke.  So please give us a day or two.

Breakfast at 7 a.m. with fresh bread and buns provided courtesy of Joseph. Fresh fruit consisted of pineapple, tree tomatoes and bananas. Joseph would also fry an egg if we wanted one. Coffee and tea are very good as well.

We met with World Relief Staff for devotion time, where we were asked to participate in prayer time. we then had fellowship, what they refer to as “pizza” time aka, peace of time or coffee break. Bob gave us a tutorial of “do’s and don’t’s” with the culture. We then went into the city centre and toured up and down the hills, visiting Hotel Des Miles Collines, which is Hotel Rwanda.


Temperature today was 28/29oC.  We came back to WR for a lunch prepared by Joseph of chicken, rick, potatoes and vegetables.  Myal Green, the Country Director of Rwanda spent time shared World Relief’s vision and goals with the team.


We had some down time today for the team to enjoy the immediate sites.

PS. Duane’s “essential oils” have us never wondering whether he is close by …





2 Comments on “Tired but Blessed in Kigali

  1. We’re so glad to hear that you’ve arrived safely and have had some rest. As you absorb all the new sights and sounds we are praying for a sense of peace and connection with the Rwandan people whom you meet. God bless you all.

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