Our Last Day in Haiti

ImageImageToday was our last day here in Haiti. After the culture shock that we have experienced here initially and becoming adaptable to the culture, it is almost difficult to leave this beautiful country and the people here. There is a sense of community here that fills each of our hearts with joy, peace, and love. We are each going to miss every one of the people we came across. We each can leave a positive impact – however small or large – in this world. We believe that we have left our everlasting footprints here in Haiti so that people here can still continue their own personal journeys with the Lord and be encouraged by our own testimonies and words.  We are looking forward to coming home. Tomorrow we depart at 4:30am from Haiti Arise compound to Port au Prince to catch our plane. We should be arriving in Calgary tomorrow night a little after midnight if all goes well. Please pray for safe travels as we make our way home.

Today was another very hot day as the team helped finish the concrete roof pouring today that took all day. It was absolutely amazing to see how the well the Haitians worked together as a team. They had a team of over 50 young Haitian boys who are used to working 12 hours straight in the hot and humid weather. They were so welcoming to have us work with them.

At tonight’s church service, pastor Chris Girvan (from Innisfail Alliance Church) talked about the Parable of the Sower and I found this parable was particularly relevant for this mission. We have sown our seeds on this glorious land and one day we will see an entire field of good crop that can be harvested for all humanity.

We are each so grateful and blessed for this experience that God has provided each and every one us and the people that we came across with. God blesses us so that nations may be blessed. When we know God, we are blessed.






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