Marvolous Monday …

Today is day eight of our wonderful, fulfilling experience in Haiti. It was a productive and spiritually uplifting day for all of us. Our team split into two groups in the morning and for half of the afternoon. One group went over to the children’s village where we worked hard at laying more tiles in the houses. We had four local boys that joined us and we taught them the ropes about tiling. We were impressed about how hard they worked at the job(s) that they were given. They were all from the Haiti Arise trade school and were taught well with tiling and we were there for support and encouragement as we helped them along. It was a hot and sweaty day of labor, but well worth it to see the progress that we made. As today was the last day of tiling, the young boys told us how much the appreciated and were grateful for our assistance and guidance along the way. They expressed that they wished that our time here was longer. It was fulfilling to see the joy and pride in their eyes and how much they look forward to working alongside with us.




The other group was busy with the preparation for the large concrete roof pour tomorrow. They worked with rebar tying, form placement, and shoring. This will create the roof of the mechanic shop at the back of the property in the future.

After our work was complete for the day, we cleaned up out of our dirty, sweaty clothes to our “Sunday best” so that we can make our way to community visitation as a group later in the afternoon. This was a time where we were blessed to get to know some families in the community.   We were able to bare some of our testimonies, prayed with them, and share our love for Jesus Christ to them.  It was enlightening to see how most knew the Lord, but some didn’t attend church regularly. However, they were all welcoming with smiles and prayer requests. From an old grandmother to a small child, they all had life in their eyes and were truly happy to see us at their homes. They were receptive with open hearts. This activity was a pivotal time for all of us on the team to bring back home to Canada with us.


One Comment on “Marvolous Monday …

  1. Great to hear connections are being made. Monika the kids hope everyone enjoyed the bracelets. Everyone is doing well and can’t wait to see you. D.

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