A Truely Blessed Sunday …

He has Risen, He has Risen in deed!!!!

Wow, what a day to be in Haiti …

To be able to celebrate and remember with our brothers and sisters in Haiti, the life after death that is gifted to us through the life of our Lord Jesus Christ … Our God is not dead He is surly alive!!! Amen.

Our day started with an 8 am church service here on the Haiti Arise compound … The service was full of men’s, women’s’ and children’s choirs and a lot of worship. Though we could not understand all the words all the time, we were able to worship when a familiar tune came up. I must say, there is something awesome about worship when you can’t concentrate on the words on a screen but to simply have to allow your heart and mind to connect with the Lord in utter simplicity … simply AWESOME!! It was a real blessing to be here for this day … Image

After morning church we had some time to just hang around the compound with each other and rest and relax in the heat of the day …

At 3pm we all loaded up and made a 15min trek to a small church called Tapion …


This church is made up of 95% children … as we are told, quite a few years ago, a missionary ventured out to this area and planted a church. This church grew quite quickly and became quite vibrant … as the years went by it seemed that the congregants were living “on the fence” with one foot on the world and the other seemingly in the church. This congregation was one day called on their behavior and told to choose either to live for the world or commit fully to the Lord, unfortunately many chose to run away from the church, what was left was only children. With the help of two volunteers (Roslyn and John) this church continues to run 9 years later, full of children that appear to be between the ages of 3 and 17 … The opportunity to worship with and encourage this church was an absolute blessing, words escape how precious this time was with these children.Image




We were able to end our day with a very sweet dinner out at what has been labeled the “Goat and Coke” … guess what was for dinner? Image


We are all quite tired but greatly anticipate what tomorrow holds for us all … most likely though, a lot of work!! 🙂

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