Team Experiences Community

Day six was a day of experiencing the community. The market is on Saturday and the team set out to get the feel of what that meant.  The sights, sounds, smells and the crush of people were almost overwhelming. As we took in the whole experience, our guides and translators led us to the few items that we were looking for. This led us to most of the areas as well as the system of bartering. We regrouped after the event and were glad to have had a safe encounter with the local community. The greatest danger again was the vehicular traffic which kept us on our toes.

In the afternoon, we set out for the orphanage called Hands and Feet. This orphanage is the beneficiary of the Christian rock band Audio Adrenalin. A ten minute drive had us at their gates and the welcoming handshake of the director. They have almost 30 children in their care and are expanding to create room for more. A great commitment for a strong future. A short tour followed by a “God Bless” had us on our way again.

We then headed for the beach “again” for a cooling swim and to celebrate Darcy’s birthday.  The treat of the day was fresh lobster cooked over a charcoal fire. Pastor Marc Honorat and his family also joined us at the beach. This was the first chance for most of us to meet him since his return from Calgary today.  Some bartering for items from the vendors filled our souvenir needs. We then returned to the compound for a quiet night and a chance to cool down before bed time. God is Good.

Written by: Darcy, Ralph, Monika, Richelle, and Joanne





3 Comments on “Team Experiences Community

  1. Pink is YOUR Colour Honey!!! Ha! I think your prayers were answered even before you blew out the candles…what a beautiful place to spend your birthday! Big Hugs … kisses to follow…

  2. Monika We miss you and love you very much. Hope you are enjoying your time in Haiti. We missed colouring eggs with you. Liam can’t wait to surprise you with ….. his surprise. Elephant shoes. D N K L

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