As the team prepared for day five, the beautiful weather and intense sun convinced everyone to seek protection.  High humidity and 35c was a great reason to head for the beach. A walk through the village and greeting the local families and workers offered a closer relationship with the people outside the compound walls.  They are truly a wonderful people with close community involvement as the norm. Dry creek beds and lush vegetation along the road held the domestic animals such as goats, pigs, cows and chickens.  All were tethered and monitored by the community. As pedestrians, we DO NOT have the right of way, and the tweet of a horn would have us scurrying to the edge of the road.  Jeeps and motorcycles, all carrying numerous people and items would cruise by with a friendly Bonjour.

The arrival at the beach was stunning, to be next to the Caribbean ocean with the mountains rising continually up from the beach. We wasted no time in heading for the water. As the word of our arrival spread, the local vendors started setting up their blankets loaded with trinkets. Each of the vendors approached us separately and whispered to us about the special “deal of the day”, just for us. We were barely out of the water when the bartering began. From a $5 dollar dug-out canoe ride to paintings and necklaces and everything in between. A few items were purchased including a couple of coconuts that were sampled by a few of the team. The return trek was underway shortly thereafter with a different path back to the compound.

We participated in Good Friday services at the community church on the compound. Singing, scripture readings, a skit with local actors and with the addition of three different adult choirs filled the three hour service. It was a great time of worship even though the language barrier was evident.

An excellent evening meal followed by the mission teams gathering on the rooftop for a time of sharing and encouragement that took us into the evening for a bit of down time.

Written by Darcy and Ralph






2 Comments on “A VERY GOOD FRIDAY …

  1. Great to see you, the coconut looks delicious. Sherron and Dave

  2. Please post a photo from the roof-top gathering spot where you hold team meetings. This will help us to have a better sense of what that would be like, the view around you, and the mango canopy overhead! It sounds like such a peaceful place to come together in community: to encourage, to share, to lift each other in the team & those around you in prayer. Thank you!

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