King Ralph’s Birthday …

Bonswa mezanmi (Good evening friends):

                We had a substantial amount of rain last night knocking off a few of the mangos from the trees (it is mango season here).

We started off our day celebrating Ralph’s birthday – his first one celebrated overseas, which is exciting! To recap our day’s events, a few of our team members went over to the children’s village to tile inside the houses along with some tiling students from the trade school. It was an exciting opportunity for some of us as it was our first opportunity learning how to tile under more experienced tilers. It was great to interact with them as well as we are working alongside with them. There is the old saying “If you show a man how to fish, he will eat for a day; but if you teach him how to fish, he will eat for a lifetime.” This is applicable to working along the Haitians and developing relationships with them. We don’t want to come along and do it for them – we want to teach them how to do it so that they can become more sustainable within their everyday environments.

                Other members of our team finished painting the trims of the medical clinic today! That was an accomplishment! We had our second day of facilitating Vacation Bible School this afternoon focusing on the trials of Jesus leading up to Good Friday. We had approximately 240 children today – more than yesterday! Praise the Lord for bringing more children to VBS today. It was organized chaos, but the children received the message well.

                One thing that is quite refreshing to see is how the Haitian children and adults find joy in the smallest things. In North America, our children are reliant on technology and screen time. Children here don’t have these benefits and they are quite happy to play marbles on the ground, kick around a soccer ball, or skip rope. This joy is a gift from the Lord and it helps to raise bright and resilient children.

                In Haiti, they have church service three times a week – Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. There is also a children’s church at Tapion on Sundays. We attended the service tonight at the church service. We are still getting used to the language, but there is a translator to help us along to follow the message of the service. Tonight’s message was the last words of Jesus – relevant to the Easter season.

Bondye beni ou (God Bless)





2 Comments on “King Ralph’s Birthday …

  1. Great to hear all is well. May you all feel strength thru the spirit of The Lord. Monika the kids send their love and prayers. We will miss you this weekend. Stay strong. D.

  2. We send our love & prayers to the team! May the Lord be glorified by your acts of kindness. Keep growing! And keep a lookout for falling mangos!

    Big Hugs,

    The Schellenberg Family

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