Wednesday Happened …

Day 3 and another Haiti sunrise on the roof. You must experience these surroundings. As you climb to the rooftop the sight of a tree covered in mangos catches your eye. The sun instantly pops through the darkness and it reminds me of when God created light.

My devotion today took me to Galatians 4:7. “Now you are no longer a slave but God’s own child. And since you are his child, everything he has belongs to you “. It again confirms God’s perfect timing as his word expresses the truth for Haiti. Marc Honorat, the Haitian founder of this incredible ministry, was a slave child. God planted the dream in him to help free other children from the same demise.

Today the team organized the VBS and we had about 225 children come to hear the Gospel, sing praise to the Lord and do a craft. With Easter approaching we acted out Mark 14. It was an amazing time with the children; however it was crazy and overwhelming how quickly 225 children can over run 10 adultsJ. We are truly blessed to have this opportunity and see a little deeper in to the lives of these children.

Another group tried to get some tiling going in a close by children’s village, and I say tried … it took them a while to find all the tools they thought they would need for the job … upon getting to the site they noticed they had forgotten some pails and a few other things … 30 min later they attempted to start again, however the drill overheated and they need more pails. After waiting another 30 min. for new tools to arrive they surely were on their way … hahaha … they finally got the thinset mixed and ready to lay some tiles but … nope, they could not find tiles … so alas we have postponed this project till tomorrow … just another day in Haiti!!!

We heard it snowed in Red Deer so we thought you should know the temperature here has well exceeded 30+ degrees and the humidity sweltering. However, please know that we would all rather be here in this heat than back in the snow and cold.

Please pray for continued unity of our team as we all continue to serve Him and the Haitian people. As the reality of Haitian living and poverty settle in, please pray that we may see beyond those realities and clearly see the hope that there truly is for Haiti.






In Christ,


2 Comments on “Wednesday Happened …

  1. Hi everyone! So glad to be able to read this blog. Our small group meets tonight and we are lonely without Janet and Joanne. Hope you ladies are doing well. Looking forward to hearing all your stories. Love you! Verna
    Hey girls – looking forward to lots of stories ! Darlene
    Hope all is going well with you and that your knee is holding in Brenda
    Hope you are enjoying your time with Jesus and “bugs”. Have a great time. Adele

  2. Hi everyone,
    I don’t think our first post got through so we are doing it again. Our small group met tonight and we missed Joanne and Janet. Hope you ladies are all doing well. We miss you and are praying for you. Love you! Verna
    Darlene Looking forward to hearing lots of stories when you return.
    Adele Hopes you are having fun with the bugs:)
    Brenda Hopes your knee is holding out Janet.

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