Two Teams Tuesday …


We woke between 6:00 to 7:00am after a restful sleep in our inconsistently air conditioned rooms under our mosquito nets. We gathered in the kitchen to a wonderful bowl of hearty porridge seasoned with the Haitian cinnamon sticks and a strong cup of local java J.

Our purpose here is to seek God through relationships and hear what God is revealing to each of us. As task oriented Canadians, we need to readjust our focus and be more relational. In saying that, we were given our duties and jobs to work on as a team after breakfast. Time here is fluid and we have been adapting to Haiti time which means lunch is 12:00ish and church is 5:00ish.

We split into two groups – one was the painting crew and the other construction. Due to the growth of Tapion, the children’s church, the crew completed the roof extension with tin.

Around 3:00 we attended the Vacation Bible School which was led by Haiti Arise staff. There were over 150 excited children crowded into the pews ready to absorb God’s word. It was loud, energized and spiritually uplifting.

This evening we attended the service. We were very thankful that Lisa, Haiti Arise co-founder, translated the message for us. Some of the children gravitated to various team members throughout the service. Their smiles are contagious!

Each evening we gather as a team on the roof for a time of debriefing and devotions. We have learned to stop and hear God as we reflect on our imperfections and to trust and rely on our everlasting God.



2 Comments on “Two Teams Tuesday …

  1. We are very proud of everyone’s hard work and sacrifice. Monika elephant shoes from the family. You are in our prayers.

  2. Wonderful to see all of you and hear about your Mission. Sherron and Dave

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