We have made it to Haiti!!!! Wow what a trip it was … in short we had 2 very early mornings followed by plenty of waiting in airports and sitting on planes … one crazy 2 hour ride from Port au Prince out to the Haiti Arise compound, where we saw an awful accident between a mini bus and rather large truck (the driving and roads here do not mix well), and alas we find ourselves at our destination. Many of our first impressions and emotions are mixed up by lack of sleep, heat, humidity and an inability to truly describe what we are seeing, hear and feeling.

What can be said thought is this is truly a beautiful country!!! Don’t get me wrong … there is a poverty of physical assets and monetary wealth that we from North America can hardly understand. There is poor infrastructure and city planning, and probably poorer road rules then desired, or then we are used to, and again we find it hard to put it all into words. BUT, as Joanne said so eloquently … “God is here, he is most definitely here!!!”

Walking through the village for the first time we encounter children everywhere … laughing, pulling on our arms, wanting so bad to have their photos taken and then see them on your screen right away. Many wearing minimal clothing if any at all, but with the biggest smiles and loudest laughs, eager to get you attention … YOU MUST EXPERIENCE THIS SOME TIME!!!!

We are very excited to get some rest tonight and start tomorrow with … well we are not exactly sure yet but with some sleep under our belts we will be ready to attack anything …. We continue to covet your prayers … please pray for clarity of though and ease of processing and deep encounter with our God …

Blessings Friends and Family, we love and miss you deeply!!!!



  1. Glad to hear that you’ve arrived safely. It does indeed take a while to get there, and a bit longer to get acclimatized. But meeting and being welcomed by children like that speeds up the adjustment process exponentially!
    God is there – it just takes fresh eyes to see Him sometimes – and that’s part of the transformational experience of going on such a trip.
    God bless you each one!

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